Print media is dead ?

Aside from Yelp going public, the other news is that the enterprise software platform Yammer has raised 85 million in new round of investment and they have 100 millions in cash to spend. We can expect some M&A deals coming from the cash. 

That is not the most interesting part of the news. When Yammer CEO Sacks is asked about the plan for spending all that money, he said it is for "marketing and brand promotion". Standard answer. But when pressed for details, he said that they are looking to have a full page spread in the Wall Street Journal.


Full page spread in the printed version ? 

As I was reading the news feed, Margarita was sitting next to me and commented that he must have meant it as a joke. He is not.

I thought print media is dead and social media has left a RIP on the tombstone few years ago. The reality is that there is going to be more life left in the print media..

That leads to our recent support to Social Media Monthly. I had an opportunity to talk with Bob Fine, the publisher of a magazine, couple of days before his kickstarter campaign ended. Genuinely nice guy that he is, Bob is a firm believer that print media is still going to have a long shelf life. Pun intended. I was particularly happy to see that the magazine is ditributed globally and photographed at stores in Bahrain and Singapore, two of my favorite places.

I write a column on technology at a magazine group which is the second largest in circulation in Asia. One of the recent successful addition to the magazine is a section where popular tweets and status updates are made available. Yes, content from social media making into print media.

Possibly, there may be a convergence of print and new media of some sort in the very near future. 


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