Instagram for Business

As we recently announced that Instagram integrated with SocialNetGate, we also discussed how Instagram is important for a business.

We know Instagram helps to create and post stunning images and can easily be shared on the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. But the question remains on how we can use Instagram effectively to boost the business visibility and create better engagement with the customer/communities.

Here we answer your queries as there are several ways to use the instagram for your business

Display your product photos

Demonstrate a product or services that you give, publish an image of a feature or offers to your fans and show your business procedure with intriguing photos. If you are doing a business like wine making or beverage business, you can post all the process of wine making process, photos of wineries, new products, and other images similar to your business. Use Instagram images to make interest by making shoppers visualize new or novel use for what you offer.

Make your Instagram followers notice with remarkable pictures and give them selective reviews of the product, exclusive around your brand new shops or work environments in the making. Things to consider before generating sharable material, make sure to share the same on Facebook or MySpace and Twitter also.

Publish your Company or office photos

Publish photographs of a day-to-day activities in the office; post the events or seminars, your workers at play, interesting sessions in office, a weekend office trip, etc. Introduce your employees to the followers in instagram, and your followers will get an opportunity to see the folks behind the company operations. This will expose the lively work atmosphere, act as recognition and have an advantage on employees also.

Post special offers and events in your community

Social events are an amazing way to produce attention in your business. Plan your events or occasions for one day. Social events are the efficient ways to develop areas or improve product attention. Ask your fans to use a particular hash tag to have their images reviewed.

Use the Same account name used in Twitter account

There are two benefits: if you use the same instagram account name and Twitter user name. First, your profile will be easily identifiable and easy to spot. Other, if anyone has tagged you in a photo caption on Instagram and that image is shared on Twitter, the same tag will connect you to others on Twitter too.

Share your Instagram account with your Customers

It is also important to market the other way. Communicating your Instagram presence with your existing customers/community is as vital as marketing your business via Instagram.

Use Hash tags effectively

Use the search functionality of the application to figure out which hash tags are often used. Like on Twitter, using the hash tag in Instagram images by occasion, Geo-location, or topic is a great idea. You can even search for existing hash tags in the inquiry field to spot Instagram fans.

Instagram recently added the ability to see images on the web through a sharable link. This specialty feature permits your Instagram to not just be perceived by those not utilizing the application, but it permits to like and share the photo from the web.

Instagram might be good for telling stories and for inspiring people. Utilize it to show your services, products, offices, manufacturing process, etc to your followers.

Let us discuss more about Instagram and other Social Media sites, with tips to make yourself utilise Social Media better. More to come on Instagram Web Viewers...

There are more ways to use this wonderful tool for business/brands. We have pointed out on how to start using Instagram. Share your thoughts/ideas as comments below so that we will be enlightened.

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