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As we communicated earlier, we have created and implemented Facebook Apps through which you can publish custom pages from your website to Facebook as Tabs.

Facebook apps can be installed to your FB page configured with SocialNetGate. The option is now to have the contents of a website URL displayed on the Facebook page as tab.
You will have the need to update pages of your website like
  • Purchase Gift Certificate, Book Reservations, Purchase Gift Card, etc if you're a Restaurant
  • Wine Club, Buy wine, Tasting Room, etc. if you're a winery/lounge
  • Inventory page for automobile show rooms
  • And many more pages from your websites to your FB page.
SocialNetGate has a simple and easy solution to this requirement within its platform
Here's how it works:

1. Log in to SocialNetGate

2. On the Dashboard page, under 'New Features', youcan see the apps "Facebook Gift Certificate App", "Facebook  Inventory App", and "Facebook Reservation App" with a 'Tab Install' button.



3. Click 'Tab Install' button for the required app

4. Enter the 'Website URL' and click 'Save'


The Facebook tab will be installed to your FB page configured with SocialNetGate. Even after the tab has been installed, you can change the name and Thumbnail image of the FB app. Click here to know more
We will keep you updated on new features with Social Media and our platform. Subscribe to our blog to stay updated...
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Now you can customize your Mon, 03/18/2013 - 08:14 — Katy

Now you can customize your Facebook page the easy way for free!! Get the Free App Here:

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